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What type of wood does DIVADI use?

We use original used boat wood of various and mixed types. There is ironwood, there is teak, there is iron wood and many other types of wood.

Is this real old boat wood?

Yes, of course, all of our original products are made from used boat wood. Because we get materials from former fishing boats throughout Indonesia.

Is this color the original from the old boat wood?

All colors in our production are original from the used wood of the boat. We don’t add any more color because we keep the original color of the boat wood.

Are the finishing materials safe?

Of course we use the most safe and environmentally friendly finishing materials.

Is there a minimum purchase?

We do not have a minimum shopping requirement, you can shop with any amount.

Is it possible to ship through you?

Of course you can, we are ready to serve container shipping which we have completed with shipping documents, packing, trucking and other supporting documents.

Where can we place an order?

You can place an order by contacting us via email even though Whatsapp is already listed on our website.

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